Each piece is an original...

creation by designer Martin Ortiz. Born in USA, raised in Cordoba, Argentina and an industrial designer by trade, he came to Miami seeking diversity and the urge to explode his creative side. 

With a natural talent and love for designing products and jewelry, MANIFESTO Jewelry was born. Now with over 15 years of experience perfecting his craft and style, Martin's designs are not only unique and original but chic and sexy. 

Manifesto pieces are designed to be worn every day and for all occasions.


Each piece embodies a natural elegance and sophisticated style which makes them unique and refreshingly original. 

Born from high creativity, high design and an innovative use of 3D printing technology, MANIFESTO jewelry is designed to be worn every day and for all occasions. 

Nothing says true style until it becomes personal

and the ultimate expression of personal only exists when you make it your own. As an extension of MANIFESTO's portfolio, we provide custom design services.